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With our elaborate electroplating program, we specifically target goldsmiths, jewelers, watchmakers, schools, universities, institutes and laboratories, restorers, museums and amateur model makers – in short: companies that simply want to refine even small to medium sized jewelry or workpieces.

Special attention was drawn to the following questions by our developers:

Is the product useful and easy to work with?

Many of the electrolytes have been in the program for years and have proven their functionality perfectly. We complement our range of electroplating equipment with pinpoint accuracy. For example, the rhodium machine RMGO! Was nevertheless developed for the cold colored gold baths and our rhodium bath JE88. Convince yourself of the quality of our products and request pattern tiles with the desired metal refined.

We offer you all our know-how for electroplating yourself for your studio. And best of all: everything can be ordered online and will be with you within a few days!

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Restoration of antique pieces of jewelry:
Ideal with our small appliance program.

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Do you have any questions, requests or suggestions?

Do you have any questions about our work or our approach? We would also be happy to advise you personally on your galvanic concerns. Simply use our contact form or contact us at:

Tel.: 07231 – 28098 – 0

If you would like to electroplate by yourself, we recommend that you visit our Jentner Electroplating Shop and use the product consultant there. It is easy to use and will suggest the right products for your project.