*The new JE88 Clean Rhodium from Jentner is the first rhodium bath that is made from 100% recycled raw materials and sustainably conserves the resources of our planet.

JE88 Clean Rhodium – How Rhodium Gets Clean

The extraction of rhodium is extremely resource- and energy-intensive – it not only pollutes the environment, but also drives up the prices of products containing rhodium. Nevertheless, rhodium is an element that cannot be dispensed with in the production of many decorative surfaces.

Jentner takes responsibility

As Jenter Plating Technology, we are aware of our responsibility; both to our planet and to our customers, because we want to offer sustainable rhodium products from sustainable production at attractive prices.

Forward-looking technology

Against this background, we have gone through a development phase of more than two years with the aim of obtaining our rhodium products from recycled metal and thus without energy- and resource-consuming mining. The result is a forward-looking technology that enables us to obtain the basis for our products from old rhodium baths, including black rhodium, and other recycled material without a separation process.

Sustainable orientation

Our first product created with this modern technology is the JE88 Clean Rhodium bath. It offers the well-known quality of our JE88, but it is made from 100% recycled raw material and thus protects our planet to the maximum.

But for us, this is just the beginning! With the method developed in our company, we will gradually expand the Clean Line to our entire range and in the future offer our customers more and more frequent opportunities to purchase electroplating products with ecological responsibility and at market-leading prices from our company.

Community spirit is the deciding factor

When procuring our recycling material for the modern upcycling process, we draw on numerous sources and thus not only produce in a more environmentally friendly way ourselves, but also significantly avoid hazardous waste in many other places. We also integrate our entire customer base into this network. Everyone is welcome to send us old electroplating baths after their useful life. – Even the smallest quantities! In this way, we secure our need for a sustainable raw material and support our customers in effective recycling. That is our vision of tomorrow!