Precious metal electrolytes from Jentner – quality through innovation and experience

Already in 1974, when the company was founded by Kurt Jentner, the main focus was on the development of electroplating electrolytes.

Not only the many years of experience, but also the continuous development and refinement of the components guarantee compliance with the highest quality standards in the manufacture of all baths. The electrolytes are developed in the in-house laboratory and none of the baths leaves the company building without having been tested for optimal functionality. For color critical works we offer the sending of pattern tiles. Just get in touch with us.

The product range covers the entire field of precious metal electroplating.

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Accompanying samples of electrolytes in our in-house laboratory

Gold electrolytes:

Gold plating bath
(Red and yellow gold)
Hot and cold separating
Color gold baths in:
fine, 14kt, 18kt, rosé and red

Platinum electrolytes:

Bright rhodium baths
(Black and white rhodium)
platinum baths
Black ruthenium baths
Palladium baths

Silver electrolytes:

Bright silver bath
Pre-silver baths
Cyanide-free silver bath

Pen electrolytes:

Pen gold (yellow, red, 14kt)
Pen rhodium
(black and white rhodium)
Ink silver
Pen ruthenium