Tarnish protection
and passivation

Environmentally friendly passivation of stainless steel products with citric acid

An efficient passivation is the alpha and omega when it comes to optimal corrosion protection for stainless steel surfaces. As an environmentally friendly alternative to conventionally used nitric acid, C. Jentner GmbH now also offers citric acid passivation in accordance with international standards AMS2700, ASTM-A967 and ASTM B600.

anfuehrungszeichen jentner metallveredelung

Due to the forthcoming ban on the conversion of chromium VI by the REACH Regulation, C. JENTNER has opted for the passivation of aluminum parts to chromium III oxide. The use of SurTec’s chromium-III-based chemistry allows workpieces made of aluminum to passively pass through, for example, in the automotive, medical, sensor technology and aerospace industries.

M. Scheidig (Ing.FH, quality representative of C. JENTNER GmbH)

The power of citric acid: environmentally friendly and effective