Precious metal

Recycling of precious metal electrolyte

The recycling of resources is one of the most important issues these days, as there is only a limited amount of resources available.

This theme also determined the process of our developments and increased our awareness of the recycling of resources, especially precious metal recycling.

In order to minimize the amount of waste, the service life of galvanic electrolytes is increased as far as possible by regeneration and supplementation, but the limit is eventually reached here, and the material becomes waste as well.

The purer a waste, the better it is isolated from other materials, the easier the recycling process. Suitable for separation are our SELEKTA 130 ion exchanger and our MINI recirculation system. Substances may also be separated by precipitation, e.g. with our Rhodium Recycling Powder JE632.

In any case, we have the right concepts. Please just contact us!

In order to include also customers with smaller amounts of waste, we have decided for the voluntary redemption according to Kreislaufwirtschaftsgesetz §26. This means that we take your used baths up to max. 5 liters back and you do not have to worry about it anymore. These returns are confirmed by means of takeover / consignment notes, so that you can prove the whereabouts to the corresponding authoritie

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