From ultrasonic cleaner to anti-tarnish system

Jentner offers everything to successfully start and finish electroplating.

After Treatment

jentner chemie oxiex oxiprotect 2

innovative pre- and post-treatment

Ideal for base coats or intermediate layers

The product range of JENTNER contains noble metal electrolytes as well as base metal electrolytes. These electrolytes are particularly suitable for the technical field or as intermediate layers in order to best prepare the surface of individual workpieces.

For before and after:
To optimally prepare jewelery or workpieces for the baths, our specialists have developed a meaningful range of ultrasonic cleaners.

To keep the shine, you will also find some innovative products for after-treatment.

Creativity can be fully exploited with cover art – keyword bicolor. Here, the customer can purchase products from the series production use in reasonable small quantities

jentner oberflaechentechnik cyanidfrei silberbad

JE60 – the cyanide-free silver bath – Another innovation from JENTNER