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In the laboratory or even in industrial mass production

The extensive program of Jentner includes professional and customized complete solutions that guarantee optimum surface finishing at the jeweler, in the laboratory or even in industrial mass production.

Only high-quality components are used and the products convince with their appealing and innovative design. All devices and systems are easy to use and great importance is attached to user-friendly handling already during development.

The Digital II and the Digital V are programmable electroplating devices with a digital display, which are especially suitable for prototype processing and small batch production. Timer and ampere-minute counter are integrated and allow process monitoring. The devices are suitable for the use of all common precious and base metal electrolytes.

jentner zubehoer geraete

Rhodium plating and gilding with one handy device – the RMGO!

The galvanizers of the Profiline and Comfort series can be used for all standard galvanic baths and guarantee simple, efficient and process-safe working. The devices are characterized by a high-quality housing, which ensures maximum safety.

With the compact Rhodium Machine RM01 jewelry pieces can easily be degreased electrolytically, rhodium-plated and gold-plated. The designer device enables safe and clean work with the help of preconfigured set variants. Due to the preset voltage and only a start-stop button, we guarantee easy operation and immediate deployment.

The pin galvanizer type Picco + enables a rational, spotless application of rhodium, gold and silver on small areas. The handling is simple and clear with a helpful LED color indicator.

stiftgalvanik picco stift pinzette

Pin electroplating device PICCO with an improved plating pen