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For over 50 years, the name Jentner has stood for the highest quality, perfection and competence in the field of contract electroplating & metal finishing.

What sets Jentner apart is the innovative and highly qualified team that makes the extensive range of services and flexible order processing possible in the first place.

In addition to the constantly growing team, Jentner’s range of services has also been expanded and supplemented in recent years. Both decorative and technical requirements of the most diverse branches of industry can thus be implemented in a target-oriented manner.

At Jentner, quality and precision go hand in hand with a customer-oriented company philosophy. Modern electroplating plants enable the efficient realization of customer requirements to measure.

Our range of services

Various contract electroplating processes in Pforzheim & surroundings

Our electroplating portfolio

Decorative & technical contract electroplating for all metals

The company from the gold town of Pforzheim specializes in the metal coating of products from various industries.

Jentner’s origins lie in the decorative contract electroplating sector. However, in order to meet the growing demands, the range of services was expanded to the technical area. Today, metal coatings are applied for a wide variety of industries, and the modern electroplating facilities are used to carry out contract finishes ranging from small orders to series production.

In addition to small parts, the finishing of oversized parts is also possible. Both rack and barrel plating are offered as processes.

All important questions about Jentner electroplating services

We will be happy to answer the most important questions about our contract electroplating service.

In short, contract electroplating means electroplating on behalf of the customer. The customer sends us his goods and we coat them according to his specifications. Electroplating is therefore a pure service. In order to meet the requirements, we need to know the type of coating required and the required layer thickness. We will be pleased to advise you individually and comprehensively on your personal request.
Almost all electrically conductive materials can be electroplated. There are only a few exceptions, e.g. titanium, where this is not possible. It may be necessary to adapt the type of coating to the base material (this is what the material of your parts is called in technical jargon). Some materials require special pre-processes or special approaches. We will be happy to advise you on this as well.

The modern electroplating equipment at Jentner enables efficient implementation of customer requirements to measure. We offer high-quality rack processing (individual contacting on an electroplating rack) and barrel processing (processing of bulk material in an electroplating barrel). We also use selective electroplating (partial plating). Our core competence is precious metal coatings in many variations. You can find more information on our website.

Frame processing
The rack processing offers the possibility to coat all components which are not suitable for a processing in the barrel line due to different circumstances, e.g. their size, geometry or surface requirements. In this process, the parts are individually suspended in an electroplating rack, thus avoiding mechanical damage.

Barrel plating
Barrel plating makes it possible to coat large throughput quantities in a short time. This makes it not only a cost-effective plating option, but also offers attractive delivery times for the customer. However, only bulk material should be coated in the barrel. High-value individual parts would be damaged.

Selective electroplating
In selective electroplating, components are only partially coated due to functional or cost requirements. For example, it is possible to cover existing holes or fits in components that are manufactured to final dimensions and then to coat the required surface without any problems, without any fitting problems occurring after electroplating. In addition, partial coating – depending on the surface variant – offers the advantage of saving precious metal and thus keeping costs as low as possible.

With our electroplating facilities, we have the ability to efficiently carry out customer requests made to measure. We process small quantities as well as serial parts and take care of technical-functional as well as decorative-appealing surfaces.

Each request is individually examined and processed by our highly qualified team in order to meet your personal requirements. We at Jentner thus provide our customers with a comprehensive range of services and flexible order processing.

We would be pleased to advise you personally on your galvanic request. Simply use our contact form or get in touch with our contact persons.

Our Jentner Plating Technology GmbH offers a comprehensive and user-friendly electroplating program, which enables you to also carry out independent plating of small parts or individual components. This makes electroplating easy even for non-experts. Our customers include goldsmiths, jewelers, watchmakers’ workshops, schools, universities, institutes and laboratories, restorers, museums and hobby model makers.
Due to innovative technologies and developments, we have become one of the leading manufacturers of small electroplating equipment and electrolytic chemicals worldwide. Today, our products are used by well-known companies in more than 30 countries worldwide.
We offer you our entire know-how for self-electroplating. The required products can be ordered directly in our online store. Use our product consultant, he will advise you on your individual project and present you with the appropriate product range.

We at Jentner recognized early on that environmental awareness is of great importance, especially in the electroplating sector. For this reason, we have made it our business to optimize the consumption of energy and resources and guarantee CO2 neutral production throughout the entire process.

Our suppliers and service providers are also involved in the processes right from the start, and we actively integrate our employees into the issue. We at Jentner aim to further reduce our environmental impact through targeted water-saving measures and the implementation of continuous environmental training. We are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 14001.

You can find more information about this on our website under the heading “Responsibility”.

Jentner specializes in the metal coating of products from various industries. This includes orders from the following sectors:
– Medical technology
– electrical engineering
– automotive
– Aerospace
– Laboratories & Institutes
– Defense
– Jewelry
A selection of our customers can be found on our home page.

For over 40 years we have stood for competence, perfection and the highest quality in the field of metal finishing & contract electroplating. Our highly qualified team and our extensive range of services make us stand out as a company. We are constantly expanding our range of services and continuously working on innovative electroplating processes.
We stand for:

Unique quality for high demands
At Jentner, quality and precision go hand in hand with a customer-oriented company philosophy. Modern electroplating plants enable the efficient realization of customized customer requirements.
Environmentally conscious & resource-saving
We develop electroplating products from 100% recycled raw materials in order to sustainably conserve our planet’s resources and would like to offer our customers the opportunity to purchase electroplating products with ecological responsibility. We also take care to optimize energy and resource consumption and produce in a CO2 neutral way.

Automated manual electroplating
With our innovation IPS 5.0 we offer a radio-controlled and automated surface finishing system. With this system, the entire plating process is monitored, controlled and controlled. Thus, we guarantee to minimize error-prone and manual processes, to increase material efficiency and to make pre- and post-calculation more precise.

Industry-specific procedures

We are audited and comply with standardized manufacturing processes in various industry sectors. These now include medical, electrical, defense, automotive, laboratories & institutes and decorative engineering.

The price depends on the coating process, precious metal, component size and coating thickness. We will be happy to provide you with an offer. Our sales team is looking forward to your inquiry.

– Gold in various variations
– silver
– platinum
– rhodium
– palladium
– Black ruthenium
– Base metals such as copper, nickel, chromium
– Electroless nickel
– Chromium III passivation

Every contract electroplating process is as individual as the enquiry. Our range of services can therefore not be generalised and our page only offers a small insight into our entire spectrum. Therefore, we take care of each request personally and work out an individual procedure.
If you have a request, please feel free to contact us via our contact form or directly our contact person Mr. Arnaud Bignon.

Jentner contract electroplating Pforzheim

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You have a personal project and do not know, which electroplating process is the right one? We are also happy to advise you personally on your galvanic concerns. Simply use our contact form or contact our contact person.

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