Pforzheim-based electroplating specialist once again meets the strict requirements of the TÜV Cert seal according to environmental standard ISO 14001: 2015 as well as in quality management ISO 9001: 2015

Pforzheim, 16 January 2018.

Customers can continue to rely on the highest standards of environmental and quality management at the Jentner Group: The electroplating specialist from Pforzheim reports that TÜV Süd has successfully recertified. As part of a comprehensive process audit, C. Jentner GmbH for metal finishing was audited according to the environmental standard ISO 14001: 2015 and finally recertified. In addition, C. Jentner GmbH and Jentner Plating Technology have also received recertification in quality management in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015.

In terms of an increasing environmental awareness, companies are more than ever obliged to act in an environmentally friendly and responsible manner, especially in the sensitive electroplating environment. The recertification in accordance with ISO 14001: 2015 certifies the C. Jentner GmbH in this context, the continuous mapping of all requirements. 

The traditional Pforzheim-based company is characterized by its completely wastewater-free electroplating plant: all wastewater is evaporated and the resulting sludge is sent for recycling. At the same time, it has been possible to keep resource consumption at a constant level, even with increasing order numbers, with the aim of even reducing it in the future. In addition, a photovoltaic system was installed as part of the environmental management system, lamps were converted to LED technology and the buildings were insulated and provided with a new heating system.
“We are very pleased about the recertification in quality management and especially in environmental management as one of only a few companies in the electroplating industry – after all, environmental protection and sustainability are important topics for surface refinement and the requirements accordingly demanding. With this independent confirmation, our customers can rest assured that our management systems fully comply with all standards and that we will continue to review and improve our processes in the future” commented Chris Jentner, CEO of the C. Jentner GmbH/Jentner Plating Technology GmbH the recertification according to ISO 14001: 2015 and ISO 9001: 2015.